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μεσολογγι  The place is endless. The first impression may not be exciting, that's why you should spend some of your time to search, perhaps dusty or hassle while, but eventually you will find that it was worth it.

The rare natural beauty, the intense traditional elements, historical sites and the serenity of the lush landscape, promise to enchant every visitor. The beauty of the region combined with the unique sights make the tour a real pleasure not to be missed.

Visitors will tour the town of Missolonghi, its suburbs, regional settlements and the wider region of Messolongi Municipality will have the opportunity to see the natural, cultural and historical wealth. The combination of innumerable historical monuments and museums with the unbelievable natural beauty of the landscape is a guarantee for guests.

A city that combines everything. Idyllic spots for walks in nature for the romantics and nature lovers, delicious traditional cuisine for gourmets, major museums and attractions for lovers of tradition and history.




Nafpaktos is a beautiful city, built amphitheatrically on a pine filled hillside. It has 18,231 permanent residents and it is the second largest city of the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture. It is 42km from Mesologgi and 10 km from Antirrio.Nafpaktos is a contemporary city; able to meet all its visitors yet it keeps its traditional style.

The port, with its watchtowers guarding the entrance, charms even the most demanding guests. Also its well preserved Venetian castle on the top of the hill is one of the most beautiful castles in Greece and a real gem for the city.

Nafpaktos is a city with lots of activity year round that increases during the summer. The visitor can find taverns, restaurants, cafés and bars in the city centre but also at the beaches nearby or on the hill of the castle that offers a view of the Corinthian Gulf.

Nafpaktos is ideal for summer vacations, as it has beautiful beaches within the city limits as well as within a short distance away. In these widespread crystal clear pebbly and sandy beaches visitors can find the appropriate services such as hotels, rooms to let, for a comfortable stay and seaside taverns with fresh fish. Apart from swimming, the Corinthian gulf is suitable for water sports such as water skiing, windsurf, kite surf and sailing. Refuelling and mooring services are also available in the area. Specifically, Nafpaktos’ port is deep, mechanical refuelling is also available, but with limited berths for mooring your boat. A large neat and deep enough port for your boat (not a sailboat) can be found at Chiliadou. In Marathia there is also a pretty but shallow port with enough empty berths. The best port in the area is the “inner port” on Trizonia Island for it is suitable for sailboats and larger boats. Night life in Nafpaktos is also exciting and offers unforgettable moments to locals and visitors. Charming, elegant and full of life bars located around the port and the surrounding streets are full of young people especially during weekends. During the summer there is rich cultural activity that includes artistic and sporting events, theatrical and musical performances that take place in the majestic castle, in Botsari Tower garden and the port pier. Interesting cultural activities are also organized in the mountain villages.

Moreover, during October several festivities and a traditional fair that lasts an entire week are organized in order to celebrate St. Dimitrios that is patron saint of the city.

Ευηνολίμνη3The area of mountainous Nafpaktia is ideal for short getaways. The area is ideal and draws demanding tourists that seek various forms of alternative tourism throughout the year. For those who want to combine their vacation with a return to nature or those who enjoy a good workout during their holidays mountainous Nafpaktia is heaven on earth. Mountainous Nafpaktia can be driven across or even hiked across through beautiful trails through the woods, small canyons, streams, graphic villages and amazing flora. Your choices are unlimited in Nafpaktia as are her beauties.

Evinos River is a favourite place for those drawn to river sports; kayaking, rafting, canoeing. There are organized facilities for such sports found at least two points, Poros in Rigani and Chani Bania. The climate of Nafpaktia is considered one of the best in the country. It is temperate Mediterranean with a relatively light winter and cool summer. There is increased rainfall, short periods of summer drought and lots of sun. The average temperature of the area is 18 C.




Varasova located east of Evinos River and west of Antirrio and Paliovouna. It is a huge volume of limestone and its height is 917 meters. In ancient times it was called Halkios.

Called "the" Holy Mountain "Aetolia" because there ascetic the Byzantine era many monks. Great is also the number of churches, monasteries and ruined askitareion located there (about 72).

In Varasova there-Egkleistra Monastery of St. Nicholas of the 10th century. Located in a cave on the southern side of the mountain and access to it is by sea.

Famous destination and attraction for believers of climbing because of the quality of the rock and variety of routes.




Archeological sites - Churches and Monasteries

    The beauty of the region combined with the unique sights make the tour a real pleasure not to be missed. You can visit the Ancient Plevrona, Ancient Calydon, Oiniades, Roman Thermae, Ancient Alikyrna etc.

The area conceals ample cloisters and early Christian churches. Also recommend to seek the church of Panagia Panaxiotissas near the village Gavrolimni, and Mary Trimitou near Trikorfo. Among Evinochori villages and Kokori is the archaeological site of the city Calydon. Leaving ancient Calydon to Mesolongi, near the village of St. Thomas, you will see the road that leads to the monastery of St. Simeon (17th c.) That enjoys the freshness of a beautiful location with springs and huge planes (only 7 km. From Messolongi) is historically connected with the heroic Exodus of Mesolongiton.

Following the road axis Mesologi - Agrinio, asphalt road to the right will bring you to the impressive archaeological site of Plevrona, known as the castle of Lady Rini. Here was another important city in Aetolia, the Plevrona. The site is well organized (open: 9 am to 3 pm except Mondays).

You can also visit the historic monastery of St. Simeon, 't Ai-Symios "as the locals call it the Virgin Mary church Finikias Agios Nikolaos Pendant, Agios Nikolaos in Varasova.





Museum of History and Art: You will find it in Mark's Square Mpotsari in the neoclassical building of the Old Town Hall. In its rooms hosted paintings of Greek and foreign painters inspired by the National Struggle residents. Among the many masterpieces to distinguish the "Reception Av. Byron at Missolonghi" by D. Kasola, "Greece on the ruins of Missolonghi" copy of Delacroix, "The blowing up of X. Kapsalis" of Vryzaki and of course the work of French Lansac «The Mesolongitissa".

Gallery of Contemporary Art: In a building constructed in 1835 and renovated at the expense of the family Moschandreou (initiators of creation of the Gallery) displayed great paintings, prints and sculpture of the 20th century Greek artists such as Moralis Mytaras Gikas, Tsarouchis and many others great artists. This section houses works of sculpture of John Papas Perantinos, Laz. Lameras, Parmakelis, Gerolymatou, Patsoglou, Riganas, Theod. Papagianni, Papadouka, Papasaika, Biceps, Ch. Papa, Fasianos Korovessi Chr. Lambrou etc. (

Center for Art and Literature "way out": Located on the main pedestrian street in a two-storey 18th century building where born strategist and Legendary fighter of "free besieged" Athanasios Razikotsikas. The building was renovated 1999 in order to house the classrooms of speech events, art and film projection.

Museum Trikoupis and Palamas: The houses where lived our great poet Kostis Palamas and Trikoupis family now serves as a museum where their personal belongings accommodated.

Museum Engraving Art in Aitoliko: From Etoliko came the famous engraver Vaso Katraki. Following the desire by itself, created the Center and Museum of Engraving Art "Vaso Katraki" housing in a beautiful stone building works of the great engraver.


Rio-Antirio Bridge

bridge.jpgRio - Antirrio "Charilaos Trikoupis" is located at the intersection of two major roads. Axis Athens - Corinth - Patras - Kalamata ("Olympia Odos) and axis Antirio - Ioannina (Ionia Odos) which connect major Greek cities and are part of the European road network.

The bridge Rio - Antirio is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world with a length of 2253 meters and innovative studies and offshore construction methods used to realize this unique cable multispan bridge.

We strongly recommend to walk the bridge since there special zone for pedestrians. More specifically, the bridge has sidewalks protected both the eastern and western side. Access to sidewalks they have through the staircases that are on the side of Rio and Antirio or parking areas near the Toll Station.



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