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About us

Our history

It was back in the year of 2008 when this land on the edge of Kavourotrypa beach ceased to be an abandoned piece of land which transformed in an paradise on earth. Putting great effort and passion this area was transformed into a lovely seaside facility which included cafe-restaurant and villas, called “The Crab”, which refers to the name of the entire area.



From the first year friends and visitors embraced us and supported this effort. The love that our customer show us make us become improve our services year by year.


Kavouri Villas have reached a high level of services. We offer to our clients besides the wonderful coffee and all kinds of drink or beverage, fine and quality food in a variety of choices, wonderful dishes like crepes, ice, cream, waffles and homemade pastries. We also provide comfortable and cozy rooms and cottages for guests with fantastic views of the Gulf of Patras. An open field is ideal for small and large activities with rackets- table tennis -trampoline - swings and slide, providing free Internet and capable to host a number of different parties during the summer.


The KAVOURI Villas (Crab) wants to thank you for your support all these years and promises to continue with the same love and interest in order to make you feel comfortable and happy during your summer vacation!

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